An injury caused by medication have become way too common, unfortunately, as regulators are overwhelmed and rushed in allowing pharmaceutical drugs to come onto the market. Drug recalls occur frequently. Powerful pharmaceutical companies hire teams of attorneys to protect their profits. Thus, persons injured by defective or hazardous prescription drugs often find it very hard to stand up to the large pharmaceutical companies, their drug marketers, their insurance companies, and their teams of attorneys. Therefore, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure protection of their rights and the compensation entitled due to injuries.

Injuries caused by medication can alter someone’s life, often permanently, if not cause fatalities. Too often, profits are prioritized over safety. Sometimes many drugs can cause harmful unpredicted side effects. Other times, miscommunication between patients and their health care providers regarding the type or dose of medication cause fatal, preventable errors. In any case, those suffering from the injuries often find their rights sidelined and their damages irreversible.

At Raheen Law Group we represent clients who have suffered all kinds of injuries due to defective or dangerous medication. We will make sure you are compensated for your medical expenses, your physical and emotional suffering, and for any lost income due to the injuries. We work hard to protect your rights at every step of the way and negotiate in your best interest.

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