Welcome to Raheen Law Group, where you are the priority.  If you are reading this, one of  two things is probably true:

You need an attorney to defend you and work with you to get the desired results;

Or, perhaps you have been wronged and want an attorney to represent you in getting you justice.

In either situation, we can help.

At Raheen Law Group, we are committed to providing our clients with high-class legal representation that is economically reasonable.  We believe that legal representation should not be a burden on our clients, but a cost-effective method of achieving a desired result.  We pledge to treat our clients with respect, integrity and sincerity.  We understand that although we have many cases to handle, for our clients their case is the most important.  And with that thought in mind, we handle each case with utmost diligence and zeal.

Our firm represents businesses and individuals in Personal Injury cases, the Immigration process, Family Law disputes, and Contract disputes.  Our attorney is a former member of a large international law firm, and he is dedicated to providing big law firm services to our clients with the personal attention that only a small law firm can provide.  

At Raheen Law Group, we also speak Farsi (Dari), Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. We serve a Chantilly attorney practice serving all of Northern Virginia.  Please contact us for a consultation about your situation.

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