There are many ways a person can legally enter the United States, represented by all the US visa types, from A classifications all the way to U classification visas. Each of the visa classifications has different requirements and criteria for people facing different situations. In addition, there are countries whose citizens do not have to have a visa to come to the United States but rather participate in the Visa Waiver Program. Furthermore, some visas allow the person to change to another visa.

Meanwhile, some visa classifications are eligible to be done as premium processing, meaning for an extra fee the visa will be granted much sooner, usually within 15 calendar days. Therefore, it wise to consult with an immigration attorney to fully understand all options and which steps to take along the complicated immigration web.

The purpose of travel, the job qualifications, and country of origin of a person are some of many different factors that distinguish which visa classifications a person can apply for. Below is a table of some of the different types of visa classifications:



A Visas Visas for diplomats, government officials, and military personnel of other countries
B-1 Visas Visas for competing athletes, business visitors, and domestic employees accompanying a foreign national employer
B-2 Visas Visas for tourism, vacation, and medical treatment
C-Visas Visas for people transiting through the United States
D-Visas Visas for crewmembers and staff of an aircraft or vessel coming to the United States
E-1 Visas Visas for traders from a country having a trade treaty with the United States
E-2 Visas Visas for investors from a country having a trade treaty with the United States
E-3 Visas Specialty visas for Australian professionals
F-1 Visas Visas for academic students
G-Visas Visas for employees of a specific, recognized international organization and for employees of NATO
H-1B1 Visas Visas for special professionals from a country with a Free Trade Agreement with the United States
H-2A & H-2B Visas Visas for temporary agricultural workers or for workers of a seasonal or temporary job in the United States
H-3 Visas Visas for training in a program not related to employment
I-Visas Visas for journalists and media personnel
J-Visas Visas for physicians and exchange program visitors
L-Visas Visas for intra-company transferees
M-1 Visas Visas for non-academic students pursuing training or studying in a non-academic institution
O-Visas Visas for foreigners of extraordinary ability in Sciences, Business, Education, Athletics, or Motion Picture and Television
P-Visas Visas for performing athletes, entertainers, and artists
Q-Visas Visas for visitors in an international cultural exchange program
R-Visas Visas for religious workers
T-Visas Visas for victims of human trafficking
TN & TD Visas Visas for NAFTA professional workers (Mexico and Canada)
U-Visas Visas for victims of criminal activity

Visa Waiver Program

Individuals who meet specific requirements, from certain countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program are allowed to travel to the United States for either tourism or business (i.e. B visa classifications only) for 90 days or less without having to receive a visa. They must however receive authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, pay a fee, and go through the proper procedures at a port of entry of the United States. Further information about the Visa Waiver Program and an up-to-date list of qualifying countries can be found on the Travel section of the State Department website.

List of Countries Participating in the Visa Waiver Program (as of November 2012)












South Korea




Czech Republic











United Kingdom




New Zealand






San Marino


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